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What are the top 3 casino games in 2019?

With gambling online in 2019 being even more popular of a pastime than previous years, surely the top three casino games are different in 2019 than in 2018?

After all, with so many new people playing them every new year, the games that become popular must change, right?

In fact, the top three casino games in 2019 are no different than the top three games in 2018 or in most previous years. This is because the same games are so incredibly popular that they are played by tens of millions of people. 

Poker -- Poker has always been the world's most popular casino-style game when it comes to gambling. It has been played offline by tens of millions of people around the world in private games. It has been played by even more in offline casinos.

With the invention of online poker, that popularity just moved online and then exploded. After all, once poker arrived online, it meant people that couldn't play the game before now could. Especially those people that are from countries where gambling is banned, or who did not have a casino close to them. 

The slots -- Slot machines have been popular in offline casinos for decades. In many casinos, they are the games millions of people will play for hours and never get bored. Especially now there are hundreds of different themed games to choose from.

When slots moved online, just like poker, they quickly became one of the top three casino games. That popularity has continued right up to 2019. 

Roulette -- Roulette is one of the top three casino games in 2019 due to the fast speed of play, the ease of playing and the high chance of winning with every spin of the wheel. 

When you also include that betting on the game can be as complicated as you like as well, it is no wonder roulette has become a popular casino game in 2019. Read this togel hkg for details.